Thursday, January 23

the great hibernation of 2014.

i bet you can't believe i actually got a "new year" post in before february, because even i'm not quite sure how this happened.

2014 has brought a case of the winter blues.
after all the fun and craziness of christmas, new years, and for us, daddy's birthday and our anniversary, it's kind of a bummer getting back to real life. okay, it's a serious bummer.
we miss the excitement.
yesterday poppy went into the living room and asked, "mommy, where da tree go?"
i told her it wasn't coming back until christmas again, and she was heartbroken.
"oh no! it ruined," she said with a frown.

it's hard when daddy goes back to full-time work after having a day off in the middle of the week for two weeks straight.
it's hard for us girls to get out of bed in the morning when it's a freezing polar vortex outside.
it's hard to do anything but snuggle on the couch at night when it gets dark so, so early. 
we take every opportunity to get out when the weather is nice (and it is nice every so often), but most times we spend the morning baking muffins, waiting for our sunny playroom to warm up, and the evenings reading and watching our favorite shows under our warmest blankets.
in other words, we're hibernating. 

  (it didn't help that we had the flu at our house for two weeks.)

okay, so january hasn't been all bad. it's just a little slow and cold and moody.
there is one really big bummer, though.
even with the beyond freezing temperatures, we haven't had any snow! not even a flake!
oh, what we'd give for just a morning of snow that melted by the afternoon. the girls have no memory of it ever snowing. they make "snow angels" on the carpet. some nights we put a bowl of water outside to freeze and it completely makes their day when we check in the morning and find a giant ice cube. actual snow would make the dreams of two little girls come true.

(sheets of ice on the inside of our windows during the polar vortex.)

come on, snow! we need a little cheering up!
and freezing rain doesn't cut it. it just makes everything worse. 

on a happy note, i think we're nearing the end of the blues. valentine's day is around the corner and it is less than a month until ellie's birthday!

(in the meantime, i'll be posting some of the things we did since i blogged last: christmas, parties, fun. anything to chase the blues away.)


Ann Taylor said...

YIKES the ice! It's ridiculously cold here too, I didn't know Charleston could get this cold. We've been down and out this month too, except for David, he's been go-go-going. He has his last (and most important) interview tomorrow at MUSC! I have my energy back but I'm playing a lot of catch-up :( I hope it warms up soon

Kathleen said...

I've always thought that January is the worst month. It is always cold and there isn't much to look forward to. We've mostly been doing the same things you have been doing except baking muffins. I need your muffin recipes! The only recipe I tried turned out to be a disaster.

Ash said...

Ugh, the January blues are the pits. I'm definitely struggling with that right now. And I don't know what it is but I have been dying to see snow this year! I don't think I'm going to get my wish. Oh well, at least January is almost over.