Friday, June 7

favorite things.

i thought i'd share some of the fowler favorite things right now.

another beautiful day at our favorite park

penelope's favorite things: 

strawberries (stah-beees)
shoes & boots & sandals (and wearing one mary jane and one boot at the same time)
curious george (muhkee show)
chocolate (chot-let)
coloring pictures & showing them off (see?! see?!)
owls (owwws hooo hooo)
reading stories (book, mommy)

eleanor's favorite things: 

jake and the neverland pirates (and so doubloons and treasure and eyepatches) (ahoy!)
playing memory & doing puzzles
adventures, hiking, camping
making her bed (and sometimes my bed) when she wakes up (i know, right?!)
snuggling up on the couch (with friends!)
swimming (yay summer!)

daddy's favorite things: 

the new daft punk album (this song makes me want to invite the world to dance party)
 an awesome manly backpack
his new workout program
his girls
i'll stop now before i get too embarrassing for him 

mommy's favorite things:

feta cheese
thunderstorms (yay summer again!)
summer eating (lots of fresh fruit & veggies)
recent adventures all over georgia
spring/summer cleaning
diet mountain dew (and lana del rey singing about diet mountain dew)

oh, and did i mention our NEW COUCH?!
(one day soon i'll explain the saga of the couch, but for now know that we love it)

we thoroughly wore out the old couch....

so let's just say the new couch is probably our favorite favorite thing right now.


Saimi said...

One of my favorite things is reading your blog!! lovely couch!!!

Ash said...

Yay new couch! It looks so good! I love these lists. I want to know all about y'all's summer adventures!