Friday, May 10

thank you notes.

remember when i did these before?

i just like 'em. so i'm doing them again. with some totally random pictures throughout.

thank you, hanging basket, 

for keeping my apples free from bruises and tiny teeth marks. it was starting to seem like there were giant fruit bats secretly living in my house.

thank you, target, 

for providing what i like to call "the rollercoaster cart" for my children. sure, it's like navigating a big rig through downtown atlanta, but being able to strap my kids in with those five-point harnesses and stuff their mouths with popcorn and pretzels while i peruse all your junk without fear of them climbing out and breaking something/themselves is totally worth it. someone even said my children were "very well behaved" during our last outing, and we all know that isn't usually the truth.

thank you, garage door opener, 

for allowing me to get my groceries and children and all of their stuff into the house with so much ease and without getting as wet when it rains. i also enjoy not having to drag yucky garbage bags through the house to get them to the can.

thank you, new oven, 

you may have a ghetto setup but you were so cheap and the opportunity to buy you from friends (oh my gosh, thank you for having this sitting on your carport!) couldn't have come at a better time. best of all, you work!!! having an actual working oven for the first time in over a year is priceless. bread! donuts! a 9 x 13 pan! a whole bag of chicken nuggets cooked all at the same time! i mean, i did have pretty mad skillz when it came to working with that tiny convection oven but i was unfulfilled. did i mention that you have FOUR working burners on top? that's twice as many as i had previously been using. it's bliss. ah, the little things.

and thank you a million times, husband, 

for installing aforementioned garage door opener and oven and changing my life twice in one month.

p.s. -
again, i like jimmy fallon.
funny story: ellie always thinks that they are announcing "jimmyyyyyy fowler!" (aka her daddy) every time we watch clips of it. she may think that her dad is a late night talk show host.

if you haven't seen this chickeneers clip:

you should watch it. seriously, he is the most good-natured late night host there is.
and if it doesn't make you smile, you might need to see a brain doctor.

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Ann Taylor said...

bahahahaha, that video got me through a 3am feeding, thank you for sharing!