Wednesday, May 29

lights! sirens!

we've been out and about over the past few days and we've had a couple of opportunities to meet some of the officers and firefighters who serve our community. the girls really loved meeting these everyday heroes who help to keep us safe and happy. they always get excited when they hear sirens and they beg me to follow them so that they can see their favorite helpers in action. daddy was also pretty excited about getting to hang out in the firetruck, too. he likes having kids because he has an excuse to do fun stuff like this. 

oh, and ellie was mad at me for putting a sticker/badge on her dress, so she grumped about the firetrucks for a few minutes. typical ellie. she ended up a lot happier than she looks.

it's actually funny that they still like the police so much, because after one of them told us about how he patrols our neighborhood at night i started telling the girls that they have to get to bed before the policeman drives by and sees that they are still awake. 
yes, i do use the police as a threat. 
no, it doesn't scare the girls one bit. not much does.
they're as brave and stubborn as they are cute. 

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Saimi said...

Cute describes them perfectly! We just had the fire department come to the school and talk with the preschoolers, then they got to tour their truck! It was great to see how wonderful the firefighters were with the little children!