Thursday, April 7

coupla quotes.

some kid quotes from the past few weeks.
(i know, i'm way excited about them, too!)

ellie is 6. poppy is almost 4 1/2. evie just hit 16 months. just for reference.

so we had almost finished reading the first harry potter book, with just two chapters left to go.

ellie: i wonder what that thing in the forest was. the one that killed the unicorn. is it a monster?
daddy: or is it he who must not be named?
mommy: you think it was voldemort in the woods?
ellie: don't say his name! it didn't have any fangs. it might be a monster.
daddy: i don't remember about this book. he's back, right? did he have help?
mommy: they think snape is helping voldemort.
ellie: aaaaaaahhh! stop saying voldemort!

and when we finally got ready to watch the movie after we finished...

poppy: ooooo, i can't WAIT to see what hermione granger looks like!

about these tiny chicks we found at the craft store (see below) --
poppy: "eeek! they scare me. let's buy them."

we bought some jelly beans. not the spiced kind, or the fancy kind. the regular kind. 

poppy: ugh! the white ones taste like socks!
me: what?! they're good!
poppy: no! they taste like socks!
me: how do you even know what socks taste like?
poppy: remember back when i was three and i was so silly? that's when i tasted socks.

leaving storytime at the library.

poppy: there was another boy in there. he kept coughing and "bless-you-ing [sneezing]." he had a LOT of bubbles in his nose. i think maybe he was sick.
me: yeah, sounds like it. [um, GAG!]

ellie: except when i go to college, i'm going to be the smartest one in the class and all the boys will want to hug me!

the other day we had a late snow storm.

poppy: i hate this! it's supposed to be summer!

ellie loves to wake poppy up in the morning for what they call "secret playtime." we were laying in bed listening to them in the hallway and overheard this:

ellie: come on poppy!
poppy: but my legs are tired.
ellie: don't fake.
poppy: no, ellie! my real legs are tired!
ellie: you're faking! let's go!

ellie, after an existential conversation about the end of the world: so THAT'S what's going to happen when the world ends. i always thought some maniacs were going to come smash it into pieces.

listening to one direction in the van.

poppy: i had another dream that i met this guy.
me: the one singing?
poppy: yeah. i'm sure they know i'm a fan.

poppy: it's elmo's birthday!
me: how old is he?
poppy: i don't know. six, probally. (shrugs)

ellie had a substitute teacher at school. historically, that does not go well. i asked about how it went...

ellie: it was great! well, actually, it was embarrassing. i don't want to talk about it.
 later, more of the story develops...
ellie: the new teacher told us to color on the empty spaces. i told her that was wrong and she's not even our real teacher!
hours later, we learn what the real embarrassing part was...
ellie: today... the teacher... the teacher called me... PAM.
me: (laughing SO HARD.)
ellie: it's not funny. that's NOT my name.
me: sorry! you just don't look like a pam to me.

evie doesn't say much of anything yet, but she does do a couple of little things that i love.

first, all of her animal sounds are the same noise and it's like a really throaty (and honestly, a little bit scary) "gwaaaccc, gwaaaaaccc." we hear it a lot.

also, when she asks for something, she opens her hand and says "uh?" and if i say no, she just keeps asking. something like:

evie: uh?
me: no.
evie: uuuuh?
me: no.
evie: uh?
me: no.
evie: uuuuuh?
me: no.
evie: UH?
me: no.
evie: uuuuuuh?

and she could go on all day.

she also shrieks (like, the most piercing shriek) with happiness often (ie, finding her baby doll, getting a cookie, etc). she also says "wow wow" really softly when she's impressed. most recently, ikea really wowed her.

she's obsessed with cookies and will smack her lips if she wants one, saying "mumm mumm!" we think she can talk but won't, because she already gets whatever she wants without saying a word.

until next time, love from the three best frenemies!


Saimi said...

I can tell I really missed out by not having any girls haha. Man they are adorable!

Chantal Marie said...

Holy cuteness! Your girls are so spunky and clever. I love it!

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