Saturday, June 6

screen door doggie.

When you're a dog and it's first thing in the morning, you can hardly wait for the door outside to open.

I mean, there have been all sorts of squirrels in your yard during the night and you have to catch up on the smells!

Why on earth would any human shut TWO doors in the same place, especially when one of those doors was full of tiny holes?

Anyway, there's no stopping you when you're a dog who needs to get outside and sniff the perimeter. Not even this thing called a screen door.

Don't worry, it won't bother you anymore. Now the hole is big enough for you to go in and out whenever you please.

Why didn't they just make it like that in the first place? You'll never understand the point of this weird door that isn't really a door at all.


Brynn said...

love it. love dogs. love home made screen doors. awesome. oh!!! so i finally ventured up to sundance to the owl bar (been almost 1yr and 4mon!?!) and i saw the good ol people like jd and michelle (getting married!) and of corse dan... and CASEY! man i miss that kid- bill 86ed him from the bar for no reason too- lame.

Nick and Emily said...


That's too funny. he totally broke out.

SO said...

Bahahaha!! That Judge. I love him.

Madalyn :) said...

I found your blog.... (maybe you don't even know who I am jk) Shaylee told me you had one. Nice to see you're doing well!

the fowlers said...

omg Madalyn!
email me a link to your blog if you have one!
say hi to everyone - I miss your cute family.