Tuesday, February 26

potty training.

we've been potty training this month.
on the afternoon of february 1, ellie decided to wear underwear, and we've been going with it ever since. i think ellie has been more difficult to train than some, but she's at least willing and we're working hard.

nobody told me how tough it is to do this! the first two weeks i thought i would go (had gone) insane. i felt like i couldn't do (literally) anything around the house because i was constantly waiting for the next trip to the potty. as soon as i started in on anything - cooking, laundry, a shower, whatever - we'd be running to the potty. it was worse than having a newborn, in my opinion. i mean, we lived in the bathroom. even now, almost a month in, it's still hard to leave the house - ellie doesn't like going anywhere but home and, although we have a potty in the van, it doesn't always cut it.

sometimes poppy tries to get in on the action so she can have m&ms, too. after ellie goes, both ellie and poppy run to the m&m jar chanting "em en emmms! em en emmmms!" (or "eee mee mee!" as poppy says it.)

you guys, she went all those times. very few of them were just for treats, most were legitimate "go's." do you see now why life had to come to a stop?

all in all, it's fun to see ellie succeed and become more confident in herself. she's really growing up and becoming such an interesting little person. and she's three!!

so proud of my girl.


Erynn said...

congratulations ellie! (and mommy too)there are a ton of stickers on that board!

Thomas said...

Yay for potty training! The Kohl's here and the one in NM (for when Arvilla was being potty trained) has a family bathroom with a little kiddie toilet and so when I had to get out of the house we would go there. Even when they were picky about where they would go, they would always go in that little potty. We also have a froggy potty in our car in the storage under the floor and it often comes in handy!

JuliPickle said...

3And that's what I get for just assuming I was logged in to my google account. The comment from Thomas was in fact from me, Juli, and not my husband. :)

Saimi said...

Congratulations to all three of you! For Ellie trying, for your patience and for Poppy's moral support!

You girls rock!

pefblog said...

Life is great!!!